David Van Driessen
David Van Driessen teaching class
Full Name: David Van Driessen
Voiced by: Mike Judge
Age: 30's

"Come on boys."


Mr. David Van Driessen is one of Beavis and Butt-Head's teachers at Highland High School. He is a devout hippie, and he shows compassion for Beavis and Butt-Head a lot. He has always felt that one day that they would become successful in life and open themselves up to the world. In return, they have done a lot of rude and torturous things to him too, such as them washing out his 8-Track tapes, another example is when they followed him to his house with a woman and acting like perverts around her. But he seems to have a kind-hearted nature, and he was the only person in Highland who sobbed after he found out that they were "dead".


  • His characteristics went off into another show Mike Judge made, called "The Goode Family", similar to how Tom Anderson's appearance and voice went similar to a character in another one of his shows, "King of the Hill", named Hank Hill.