Full Name: Beavis
Voiced by: Mike Judge
Age: 15




Beavis is the calmer part of the duo, he wears a shirt that says Metallica, and he is usually the dumber one of the duo. He can be a little nicer than Butt-Head because he gets abused by him nearly all the time, even though they are best friends. His name is based off of someone Mike Judge knew called Beavis in real life, but not the same characteristics. He has an alter ego named Cornholio.
Mike Judge

Mike Judge


  • In the merchandising, his shirt is usually not Metallica due to licensing issues, so they usually change it to "Death Rock."
  • Mike Judge has mentioned that doing Beavis' voice can wear him out because of his scratchy and high pitched voice as mentioned on The David Letterman Show.

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